in restless dreams I walked alone

and now I’ve finally decided –
to stand with that deepest urge which have been always veiled with murmurs of confessions and self-rebuttal, and be brave to pursue it by all means, regardless of how vain it might essentially look like.
I’m turning 25 after all. I know someday I could finally see it through – as long as I still hold on my belief on love and hope. And I know your never-fading words will always be there with me, gently guiding me through haunting darkness and fear. I still recall how weightless and illuminated I were, making me think every hardships and heartbreaks I had been through being actually worthful. That was undeniably a glimpse of life. And I think that’s love, yet in a spiritually broader sense.
Let the silent tears pool into our omniscient ocean, and help me from sinking ever again. and that’s the life I desire, if I’d finally be lucky enough to, choose. With our endeavour to withstand and confront our own fate, that’s where the ‘freedom’ lies, Crystal. You know it, you always do.


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